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26th of April 2019

Pet Partners of Long Island, NY

Pet Partners paid a visit to Hope For Youth in April! Penny brought laughter and fun to the youth in our Non-Secure Detention (NSD) program and a good time was had. Learn more about this community organization here. Pet Partners is a group of Therapy Animal…

22nd of April 2019

Easter Fun

The week leading up to the Easter holiday was filled with fun. Long-time supporters Mark and Linda Morales donated Easter baskets, toys, games, hair accessories and school supplies for our residential youth. Thank you to Mark and Linda, for all that they do. Featured with…

5th of April 2019

STEAM continues…

Our most recent session to occur with youth and volunteer mentors was a fun evening, kicking off with a donated dinner via Melville’s Shake Shack. Thank you, Shake Shack! The first 1/2 hour involved groups playing the childhood game Mousetrap and the bulk of time then being…

29th of March 2019

National Professional Social Work Month

A month-long celebration of the invaluable contributions of the social work profession, to society. Hope For Youth holds a staff appreciation luncheon annually in the month of March, to coincide with National Professional Social Work Month. Cheers to HFY Social Workers, and other staff, who are dedicated…

13th of March 2019

STEAM Academy has Begun

Our volunteer mentors and HFY youth recently came together for the initial session of 2019 STEAM Academy. Art was the focus of the evening and the session was facilitated by artist, Amanda Hawthorne, of Live Well Paint Often. Mentors and youth alike...                   </div>
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11th of March 2019

Community Outreach

Our Young Professionals Committee meetings take place each month at the Hope For Youth administrative offices. The Committee, comprised of young professionals who leverage their passion for volunteerism and philanthropy, acts as…

22nd of February 2019

Black History Month

February is dedicated as Black History Month, honoring the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history, including the civil rights movement and their artistic, cultural and political achievements. In honor of the month, Hope For Youth placed an easel and board in the main lobby,…

11th of February 2019

Valentine Fun

A “Valentine Making Station” was set up for staff, to create a valentine for someone special they’re working with.  This could be for a parent, a youth, a sibling in a family being visited, or a potential resource for a youth. We are happy to spread the…

6th of February 2019


The HFY Prevention Program not only educates HFY youth, staff and foster parents but also reaches youth in our community. Two of our team featured here, Kim and Alyssa, successfully reach many youth every month.

A snapshot of a month within Prevention:

31st of January 2019

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Hope For Youth offers a program funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This relatively new program,  allows recruiters to follow a child-focused recruitment model to assist children in foster care in finding their forever home. Recently, one of our recruiters assisted…