Hope For Youth


3rd of April 2020

Difficult Times for All

As we struggle with our new normal, as do all here in the USA, it can be difficult at times, frustrating for sure and even disheartening. Adults and youth alike are experiencing the emotional impact of the pandemic. Our staff is doing their best to keep…

1st of April 2020

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month is observed, a month to raise public awareness of child abuse and neglect, recommit efforts and resources aimed at protecting children and strengthening families, and to promote community involvement through activities that support the cause.

You have…

27th of March 2020

As March, National Social Worker Month, Winds Down….

The end of March is here and once more, we would like to thank our staff of social workers for their dedication, passion and hard work. A BIG thank you sent to each of you, for all that you do! Just a few more pics of our…

25th of March 2020

Help Us, Help our Little Ones

Size 2,3, and 4 diapers, baby wipes and hand sanitizer are needed! We have a number of babies in our residences and we are running low on supplies. Our staff have tried several retailers but with no luck. We’re asking members of our community if…

23rd of March 2020

Youth Shelter Yoga

While the current, global health crisis continues, people of all ages, understandably, are unnerved by the pandemic. The Program Manager of our Youth Shelter decided to address our youth and their stress by engaging the youth in yoga. Accessing community resources, and United We Om videos, youth…

21st of March 2020

A Peek at our Successful YPC Fundraiser

A fun evening was had at Westbury’s Total Wine, earlier this month. …

19th of March 2020

A Word from our Executive Director

Dear Community Members,
During this unprecedented time we wanted to take a moment to connect with all of you to provide some information about our continuing operations. Consistent with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, in our home and community based programs, Hope For Youth is implementing a model of…

11th of March 2020

Show HFY Residential Staff your Support

We are so thankful for our dedicated staff who will continue to work and care for the youth in our programs through this trying time. If you’re looking to do something for HFY, consider ordering takeout for one of our group homes to give our staff a…

6th of March 2020

HFY is a Finalist!

We are a finalist in the Imagine Awards Long Island, Leadership Excellence Award. We couldn’t be happier that our very own Executive Director, Dr. David Hegarty is a finalist in this category.

The award recognizes an exemplary nonprofit leader (who may be an executive…

2nd of March 2020

March is National Professional Social Work Month

Hope For Youth is continually inspired and always grateful for the social workers on staff, who get the job done. They work tirelessly on behalf of their youth, are passionate about their work, and are the backbone to our mission. …